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Document management software enabled by GDPR compliant AI✨

Browse documents, localise them and find answers in seconds. DeepFile speeds up your search delivering both efficiency and privacy.


GDPR compliant

Your entire knowlege at a glance

DeepFile finds accurate answers to your questions by digging in your local drive and company network.


What's included inside the box

Natural language processing

Just ask normal questions

When time is of the essence, finding information and files among your confidential data is the handbrake of efficiency. Forget keywords, just ask normal questions.


DeepFile finds you the answer

so you can focus on what matter the most and boost your productivity.

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Index your own drives

Physical drives

Index your own computer and external drives and browse your documents in seconds.

Company network

Synchronise with your company intranet to have all the knowledge at hand.

Cloud solutions

Connect with your favourite cloud services to have an holistic overview of your sources.

Ask questions, get answers

Generative AI

When you ask a question, DeepFile understands your intent and generate the answer for you.

Source: your files

The context is solely extracted from the information contained in your files displayed as sources. So it avoids hallucinations and the answers stay accurate.

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Start with the new document management generation 


DeepFile is built in collaboration with:

eu sozialfonds
Applied data incubator
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ESF Berlin logo
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Tailored to your needs

A solution for every use case

Consumer beta

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